Rock/Alternative band, Convey have come back to hit the music scene hard with their new release of their single, “Nothing But A Love Song”. Originally from Boston, MA, Convey took their North Eastern roots shortly after forming in 2009, and transplanted to the West Coast; calling Los Angeles their new home. Convey’s main influences stem from groups such as Circa Surive, The Mars Volta, and Tool, which can be heard in their newest release. The driving lead guitar riffs and vocals set the tone for this post-rock band’s strong future in the rock scene. We took a few moments to ask Convey a few questions about their newest release, and the sights they have on their future in music!

Entertwine: How did you all come up with the idea for your new single, “Nothing But A Love Song”? Horrible ex-girlfriends!

What was the writing and recording process like? Writing is pretty straightforward for us, every member is responsible for writing their own part and making it fit with everyone else’s noise. Sometimes it’s a really streamlined process that happens in a day or two, sometimes it takes literally months.

Do you have plans to release a full length soon? If so, can you give your listeners a little bit of insight to this album? As of now we are planning on releasing an EP in the next couple of months after we release the singles from it. Lots of different musical influences on the EP but always high energy songs.

Will you have any tour dates/events to follow this single release? We are releasing our first music video in september. Show and tour dates will follow, mostly locally near and in LA but also a couple dates in Arizona.

When you all aren’t playing, writing, or recording, what takes up your time? We all have day jobs- mechanic, drum teacher, and vocal teacher.

What is next for you all in 2016? We are writing more new songs so we can get ready to a full length album first thing next year. As stoked as we are for our EP, we are even more excited about our even newer material!

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