The works of young Russian band, “Lunar Woods,” is a sound-expressed personal life experience of musicians which are robed into a caustic, sarcastic form but at time very honest lyrics. The sound of Lunar Woods can be described as a mix of Alternative Rock, Post-Grunge, Stoner and many other genres. However, musicians don’t like to be limited to any particular style; they experiment with sound a lot which allows them to define their music into wider concepts.

Works of the band have very different atmosphere, style, emotions and genres – though their songs always have that characteristic sound of Lunar Woods – unique and recognizable. The discography of Lunar Woods already consists of few releases more than thirty songs in total. In 2016, guys will present some more releases – the band is very productive, about twenty songs that are in progress now. We caught up with Lunar Woods to talk about their latest release, “The Story” right here on Entertwine!

Tell us about your latest release, The Story? What can you tell us about the creation process of this track? After releasing few EPs in 2014 we’ve paused our visual presence for one year. We did some lineup changes and recorded new album during that period of time. We’ve returned with the new power and new material.‘The Story’ is our first word to the world. We have a lot to say now. That single will be the first song that we will release from our first full-length album called ‘Let’s Get Loud’. This is the song about the Way, the Way of life. Sometimes person is held by his past, and can’t breath free because of it. He can’t move on and can’t change something in his life, because all his life goes around that past. But sometimes he can find a power to broke that chains and to move on. He does a step in his new life and feels so free. He is exited but feared. Full of emotions of his new life after long period of slavery in self-past-problems. It’s all about freedom. This song has personal meaning and was written by our singer. It based on our own life experience. I suppose everyone can fit it in his own life, because almost any of us did some strong steps in past to broke the chains and make our life better.

How would you describe your genre? When did you first discover it? What drew you to it? Our genre is built on alternative rock basis with a slight mixture of other styles which have influenced our composing manner much – these are Stoner, Post-metal, Sludge and some others as well. It wasn’t “discovered” by us at once, but appeared as a result of creational process based on our musical experience and inspiration given by lots of other bands that we love.

Who are some of your influences when it comes to creating and performing? Why? We are pure music-lovers and have very wide range of musical tastes. But I suppose our music has the strongest influence of bands such as «Tool», «Queens of the Stone Age», «Deftones», «Alice in Chains» and many others; we feel deep emotional connection with such kind of music and unconsciously “soak up” their atmosphere while breeding our own.

What is your favorite part of performing? What takes up your time when you aren’t writing or performing? Favorite part of performance is either “hook” or any moment of a song which catches us, but we assume that, of course, the whole process is very enjoyable, and it has to be in case to keep sustain and certain emotional connection with the audience. Finally, if we didn’t enjoy what we do, we wouldn’t do that! So whole performance is usually pretty favorable. Except writing or performing and our daily obligations, we usually put time into rehearsals and having practice, mastering our instruments, because this is an essential for anyone, no matter what he does. Also we work much onto some other related things, such as promotion, merchandising, etc. We try to put our effort in any aspect! Also we hang out from time to time which helps a lot

What is next for you in 2016? In 2016 we’re going to focus on producing and releasing more songs (lots of thoughts need to be unleashed!) and to start up our external activities, on the contrary to the previous years, where we mainly appered to be a studio project. Lunar Woods release the first full-length studio album, our first official video and some more features next months. Keep in touch with us! In order not miss our upcoming acts you can subscribe to our newsletter on our website using the following link: subscribers-page-hey-doc-for-free

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