Growing up listening to a mix heavy metal and country, Rod Gilstrap found his musical aspirations from his family, and hometown of Mud Lake, Idaho. Even though he says he grew up listening to all kinds of music, Rod’s brother was a heavy metal junkie, and his father was a country music enthusiast. Rod currently has his own band with whom he writes and performs music with. When it comes to choosing a genre and style, Rod describe’s his music as “melody driven, but not exactly country”. Rod and his band have just released a six-song country/rock EP titled, “Way Out West”, which, “are driven by acoustic guitars but punctuated by distortion-drenched electric-guitar leads.” (- Idaho Gilstrap’s has a way with his vocals, delivering a prominent rock, country presence, and this shows in his recent EP release.

Tell us about your new EP, “Way Out West”! What was the writing and recording process? Being my first professional recording it really opened my eyes as to what it takes to record, and capture both what I wrote and pounded out in my mind and on my acoustic guitar while writing these songs. I was lucky enough to have a great producer and some of the best musicians I know to help me bring WAY OUT WEST To life. 

Which song off the EP is your favorite? Why? Hmmmm…. Well every song that’s on the EP really means something different to me. I’d love to step back and listen from someone’s perspective that didn’t write these songs or hasn’t heard them a thousand times so I could hear and feel what they do. So to keep my answer political lol …  I have favorite pieces of Each song on the EP. 

What can fans expect to hear off of this EP, and how is it different than your past releases? I think you can expect to hear a modern throwback style of rockin country music that doesn’t sound like everything else you’ve heard lately.  And without a doubt you will hear some fantastic guitar solos! 

What/who was your main influence for this you for this project? I’ve enjoyed making music for a long time.  Each song on the EP has its own story and each it’s own influence. The older I get the more I appreciate things and recognize what and who I have around me. The title track Way Out West for example is a reflection of where I call home , and where my family and friends call home. 

What else can we expect from you in 2016? As I mentioned earlier I have some amazing musicians that helped me bring way out west to life. I suspect In the not so distant future you will hear from us. 

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