Sammy Porter is a renowned DJ & Remixer from London UK. His unique style covers house & dance music and his gig roster spans Europe and the middle east. His recent single “How You Feel” reached number 10 on iTunes and has been streamed millions of times across Spotify, SoundCloud and youtube. We caught up with Sammy right here on Entertwine to get the inside scoop on his new single, and future album plans!

Tell us about your recent single, “How You Feel”! How did thing song end up reaching #10 on iTunes, and also gaining millions of streams at the same time? To be honest everyone involved was shocked! I just got a tweet from someone saying they saw it in the iTunes chart, at first I couldn’t believe it, once it went top 100 we all thought it would just drop out but it carried on climbing for a few days. Really helped with friend’s of Jess and I supporting it to the fullest.

What went into the making of this single? A long time! It was originally a sample based song from Groove Theory’s “Tell Me” so took us a while to get in the studio with Jess to re record the vocals. Was real hard to nail it in a way that paid homage to the original but Jess got it straight away.

Who are some of your influences when it comes to making music? Why? I’ve got to say Marc Kinchen. His ability to make a remix sound like a completely new song is second to none. Not many remixers can have their version of a track become 10 times bigger than the original.

Now that you have released a single, are there plans for an album soon? I’ve got a few more singles lined up first. I think albums in dance music are really hit or miss. Unless I have a body of work that I feel flows together well enough I think I’d stick to singles for now. The only dance music albums that I feel connect have a story to tell or flow naturally otherwise I feel they can be a bit forced.

What is next for you in 2017?
I have a single coming called “A Bit Patchy” alongside a percussionist called Bongo Ben. I also have a load of Ibiza Dubai and Marbella dates booked up for the summer so some exciting gigs lined up.

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