East meets west in dreamy crossover electronica. Sienná is an awake-walking daydreamer, a blurry contrast of multiple styles, and a contemporary traditionalist. Currently living in Oslo (Norway) but raised in Kyoto (Japan), Sienná´s ‘no rules’ approach to writing original avant-garde music, and to creating live intelligent grooves is a beautiful reflection of the crossover of cultures we see in the modern world. Dubbed as Björk, Massive Attack, and Ryuichi Sakamoto these out there visionaries create ambient and warm sonic contrasts, mixing Electronica, House, Jazz and Trad/Contemporary Japanese to become truly unique. It´s the definition of groove-phenomena, audio-sex to the weird and wonderful.

Tell us about your upcoming album release, “Q.o.S”! What went into the making of this work? This is my dream world, where I don´t need to care what role I play as a part of a team or the society. This is my biography, or maybe the sweet highlight of my diary in sounds. It has always been that way. I release what I love. If people liked what I do, I´m endlessly appreciated.

What is your favorite part about “Q.o.S”? What are you most proud of? I don´t know what I´m going to think about this album later in my life, but I´m pretty much proud that I made something I love at this point. And I´m proud of doing every work (incl. songwriting, performing, programming, mixing, producing, mastering the whole album, and making the album cover art) by myself.

What would you say was the most challenging part of writing and recording this album, was? As I thought my last album “Japonesque” was something quite close to my ideal best album, so I had to find my new identity again – like finding myself in a new life phase (in music). Also, I had to learn how to work with sounds, to be able to produce the album. It was an extreme pleasure and challenge, but I´m motivated to go deeper into this. I would love to be much better working with sounds.

Tell us about the most recent music video you release for your single! Where did the concept come from? Concept wise, it´s my darkest song on the album “Q.o.S” . I wanted to try and prove that 5 beats can be as groovy and dancable as the normal 4/4 beats. So, the 5th beat is my “quintessence” in this case – an unknown dark essence/beat. My video directer made something abstract and dark that I think is completely appropriate. He said he lost counts – which is quite understandable.

Besides the release, what is next for you in 2017? I’m very honored to be able to perform at the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool on 31th May 2017 as I have been a life long “eager” The Beatles fan. I´ll also release a remix album during 2017 – only my EDM songs remixed. I´ve already started to distribute some of them for DJs. If any DJs were interested, I would like them to contact anneisrecords (at) gmail.com.

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