Nikhil is an indie singer/songwriter from Highlands Ranch, Colorado. He began writing and producing music for his senior project at his high school and quickly fell in love with the art. His first single quickly blew up within his school, and the reaction from his peers has motivated him to continue to make music. All of Nikhil’s work is done right at home in his makeshift studio. Nikhil’s music is personable and derived from his experiences growing up in Highlands Ranch.

Tell us about your most recent single release “Training Wheels”! What went into the making of this work? For my senior project, I wanted to make as much music as I could throughout the semester. By the end of the year, I had plenty of music that I didn’t know what to do with. “Training Wheels” was definitely my favorite track. The vibe and message just made it stick out to me. I showed a few of my close friends and they loved it. They started showing others, and before I knew it, I had a bunch of people telling me to put it up on SoundCloud. As soon as I uploaded it, people started blowing up my phone showing me so much love. It was awesome to see something that I had worked so hard on receive that type of reaction.

What is “Training Wheels” about? Lately I’ve been in my feels because my graduation is coming up. It’s sad to think that so many people that I have seen almost every day for so long are just going to disappear after this year and I won’t be seeing most of them ever again. At the same time, I wanted to take a positive approach to “Training Wheels.” It definitely is a “don’t be sad because it’s over; smile because it happened” type of message that I wanted to share with my peers.

What or who was your main influence for this single? The main influence for the single is all of my friends throughout the last few years of my life. People that I was tight with but drifted away from, my best friends since the beginning of high school, people I picked up along the way-I wanted to honor everybody on this track. It’s crazy because the people that the song is about are the same people who have been jamming to it and showing me love since I released it.

What would you say was the most challenging part of writing and recording “Training Wheels” was? The most difficult part of writing this song was trying to fit so many memories and experiences into a three minute track. There was so much I wanted to say but couldn’t fit into the song, but I feel like I still got my message across.

Besides the release, what is next for you in 2017? My peers’ reaction to “Training Wheels” has really motivated me to try to keep the ball rolling and expand my audience. I will be releasing more singles throughout the summer and see where that takes me.

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