Tory and Tia are two beautiful teenage sisters whose harmonies can only be created by siblings. This Pop Duo is very unique for several reasons including their young age (just 15 and 17) as well as their exotic Pacific Islander heritage. Daughters of legendary Ukulele player Troy Fernandez, they were “Born to Perform“ as one newspaper stated after Tory and Tia hit the stage back in 2005 to sing at the Concert of the Stars. The pair continued to hone their skills doing street performances until last year when the family decided to move to Los Angeles and give Tory and Tia a real shot. In the summer of 2015 the girls were introduced to Record Producer and Talent Manger Johnny Vieira of J.O.T. S Entertainment (Vanessa Hudgens, Janelle Parish, Bre Kennedy) He knew there was something special about TnT and immediately went to work on Tory and Tia’s debut E.P. The result is a collection of songs that showcase the girls lush vocals and well crafted harmonies. On October 26th Tory and Tia hit CHR and Top 40 radio with their debut single, “So Solo.” The song can best be described as a catchy team anthem for any young person. We spent a few minutes speaking to Tory and Tia about their lives growing up around music, their current single release, and their future plans for 2016 and beyond!

Entertwine: When did you two realize you had a talent that you wanted to pursue as a duo? The first people who realized we could sing were our parents, and from there we saw more and more people liking what we did. We always wanted to sing together, so the passion just grew more and more in us each day. Our Dad is Troy Fernandez, who is kind of a big deal in Hawaii… so we have been going out and performing with him since we were babies – literally!

Tell us about your debut single, “So Solo”. What inspired this song? How has the response been so far?
Tia : Our manager brought us the song and we thought it had incredible energy and a killer beat… I knew with our vocals the song could be something special…
Tory: And the lyrics really represent how a lot of teenage girls feel. especially in the summer time (Laughs). As far as the response goes it has been incredible so far. We really want to thank all our fans for the support they have shown us so far. We really appreciate it… .

Do you have future plans for an album? If so, when can listeners expect to hear more?
We are definitely working towards an album to come out in the Spring of 2016 but will probably put an EP out by January …

Outside of music, how do you like to spend your free time? We both participate in sports. Tory is a part of a cheer team and loves to do cosmetics. I am a part of a dance team and (also) play hockey. I love drawing too!

What is in the future for Tory and Tia? Any live performances, or exciting events? Oh yeah we perform all the time. Either Street performing on the Santa Monica Pier or out at one of our shows – we still sing with our dad at his shows! We are constantly honing our live chops… We are also focusing on recording new songs. We really want to have something special to share with our fans in early 2016 so keep listening everyone!

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Tory and Tia are managed by Qadree El Amin and Johnny Vieira
For more information contact: Johnny Vieira (310) 691-4487

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