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Pinshape, a 3D printing community marketplace, and Los Angeles based indie band, WALLA, have partnered to launch a contest challenging designers to create 3D printable band merchandise. We previously interviewed WALLA on Entertwine and got the inside scoop on their music. This time around was geared toward their efforts in the contest, which runs from October 27, 2014- November 23, 2014. It is open to anyone who can design 3D printable items. The types of designs that can be submitted are not limited to certain products, but it is stipulated that they should all have a focus on the WALLA brand in some way. The winning designs will be given to the band as property to distribute through Pinshape’s online marketplace and professional 3D print service, and the winning designers will receive royalties on the items’ sales. Pinshape hopes that the contest will act as the first of many partnerships with musicians to help create 3D merchandise for their fans. Pinshape and WALLA see contests like this as a great way to fuel this new market. We got to interview WALLA in order to get a little more information on how the partnership came about, how they see 3D printing changing the industry, and more! To enter the contest or read contest details go to Pinshape.com or click HERE.

Entertwine: It’s been a few months since we talked to you all last! What has changed or developed since then musically? Any new releases we should know about?

WALLA: We just released new single alongside a music video that is part of an upcoming EP titled “The Kids Are Alright. (Check it out below!). We are very excited about this new project and we’ve been getting great response so far.

So we know all about Pinshape and the awesome 3D printing marketplace that they are – tell us, how did this partnership idea come about between WALLA and the company?

We got approach by Lucas Matheson (pinshape CEO) and he was the one that had the idea of creating a contest with designers to create merch for our band. We had a few phone calls to run over details and everything worked out smoothly as possible. 

Why is this a good opportunity for designers?  Why should everyone sign up and start designing? What is exactly in it for them?

Designers will have their creation on our website and they will make money out of the sales. Also we are offering some great prizes for the designer that create the most interesting item. 

Are you nervous, excited, scared to see what some contestants draw up or design for the band? If there are any contestant reading this, could you give them a little insight to what you have in mind or envision?

In the beginning we were scared that we wouldn’t have enough options but I checked few new designs and there are definitely some interesting ones. I think it’s important to make it look modern, our music is all about creating a new modern sound with influences of 80’s and I think the art should transmit that same concept.

What are some of your personal favorite 3D printed products up on Pinshape as of now?

I think the categories of Miniatures have some of the best Designs.

What do you think the future of 3D printing holds within something like the music industry? How can it further help, or innovate?

The concept of having merch available for sale without having an inventory is great for independent artists that don’t have money to finance a catalogue of merchandize. And is great for our fans that are spread out throughout the world and want a physical piece of art that supports our brand. 3D printing will definitely create a big impact on art in general.

As far as music goes for WALLA, what does 2015 look like for you all as a band?

2015 will be known as the WALLA year, lol. Besides our upcoming “The Kids Are Alight EP” that will be released early 2015 we are looking forward in recording our first full length album and start touring.   

Connect with WALLA and Pinshape 3D Printing:
Contest Page: https://pinshape.com/contests/music-merch-design-contest-walla
WALLA Website: http://www.thewallaband.com/
Pinshape Website: https://pinshape.com/index

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