From their home base in Los Angeles, Ca., the multi-talented Swami Lushbeard blazed onto the music-scene in 2009 with their critically-acclaimed debut-album, “Who You Were?” With their soon-to-be signature blend of raw & gritty rock, combined with a lush and genuinely melodic style of song-writing; their confident approach to both the stage and the studio quickly put this L.A. based band on the radar of music-fans both locally and worldwide.
The following years continued to see an increase in their productivity and creativity as Swami Lushbeard went on to release the “Who You Were? (Acoustic Sessions)” EP (2010), the “Every Inch” single (2011) and “A Burning Desire” EP (2013) – all recorded with original band members, including former bass player Andre Howie and dear friend and founding member Danny Kopel, who sadly passed-on in the summer of 2013.
The release of their 2014 single “Where The Sheep Are Led” renewed the strong-interest in the band. Met with enthusiasm from critics and fans alike, “Where The Sheep Are Led” has been featured, reviewed & played through a ton of respected online music-sources and radio-stations and the support revitalized the band’s creativity, imagination and passion to an all-time high.
Long awaited & highly anticipated – critically acclaimed L.A. Rock-band Swami Lushbeard is now officially back with a brand-new EP, Blood Is Sicker Than Water! In the studio for the first time since the release of their hit-single “Where The Sheep Are Led” in 2014 – the five-piece band has put together three choicecuts with talented new members and stunning new ideas being unleashed this year, in late 2016.
Examining the strength of the bond between relationships both inside the bloodline & out – Blood Is Sicker Than Water represents some of the strongest material Swami Lushbeard has created to-date. With thoughtprovoking lyrics written to challenge your mind and test your mettle – the songs on the new EP are bound to make you think every bit as much as make you move. Built on steady & reliable grooves and hook-laden rock with boldly progressive ideas threaded into each tune – the music has never been more personal…yet so relatable to us all, important and REAL.
Enjoy our interview with Swami Lushbeard, where we discuss their new release, “Blood is Sicker Than Water” below!

Tell us what went into writing and recording your new EP, “Blood Is Sicker Than Water!” Our long time friend, collaborator and certified genius, Curt Piar had parted ways with his former studio and so left us homeless for a while. Well… actually just, “Studioless”.

It was easy then to be filled with equal parts of great relief and enthusiasm when we met one, Antoine Arvizu and he offered us a few days in his legendary Compound Studio to make a our new record. The Compound, while nondescript on the outside is anything but that on the inside. The place was made to make music in and with Antoine on board; there was no shortage of great techniques and awesome tones to be had. Rock n Roll ensued.

We spent the end of the summer to the start of the holidays on a musical journey of mixes and miles and the Universe seemed to smile upon us. Little did we know at the start, but by the end of the record we would be reunited with Curt and together with his help were able to make “Blood is Sicker than Water” shine more than we ever thought possible.

What was the main inspiration behind this new EP? Relationships. Particularly those based on family and how that affects the relationships we have with others. From an early age we are taught what to believe, who to obey and whom to Fear. If by fortune or fate we find our way to the other side of that, there’s only one choice to make… to run back to what we think we know or run straight ahead into what we know we don’t. Previous releases like “A Burning Desire” and even “Where the Sheep are Led” were based off a view of things from an outside perspective looking in. “Blood is Sicker than Water” starts by looking inward and only goes deeper.

How is this EP different from your past work(s) or releases? Why? Blood is Sicker than Water differs greatly from most of our previous work because we had become very familiar with the material before starting the record. I think we learned our lesson with “Every Inch”, which was written and recorded in what seemed like the same week. We popped the proverbial cork on that one just a little too soon!

All three tunes on the new record have been a regular part of our set for a while now and we’ve had many opportunities to taste and feel what was working and what wasn’t. I think all of us in the band would agree it was definitely worth waiting a little longer this time. We hope all of you do to!

If you could choose one favorite song from this EP, which would it be? Why? That would have to be “Haunted”. The whole idea of it led the way for the other tunes to follow and without it the record wouldn’t be the same. The title itself never even appears in the song. We just named it “Haunted”, cause that damn melody; that eerie E flat grabs a hold of you and doesn’t let go. Which ironically enough, is what the Chorus suggests you do.

What is next for you all in 2017? Well… try and take over the world, of course!


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