Singer and songwriter Chen Levy is currently residing in Tel Aviv and is about to release her debut album this year, on which she collaborated with bass player and music producer Avri Borochov. Her unique voice, which brings together gentle Middle Eastern melismas with the softness of Jazz music, was cultivated over years of musical endeavors.

Levy’s debut, a 2017 version of Kate Bush meets Din Din Aviv, is a journey tale of a girl who grew up in the warm and safe desert city called Eilat, moved to the cold capital of Israel – Jerusalem to attend music school and ended up at the nonstop city of Tel Aviv. Her unique musical genre is best described as Indie-Jazz. Her first single, “Hide and Seek”, was released in February ’17!

Tell us about your debut album set to release later this year? What went into the making of this work? What triggered the writing of this album was a difficult break up from a musician I went out with. It was quite a dark time for me, and I wrote most of the songs shortly after this break up. Then I met Avri Borochov – an amazing bass player and musical producer, and after becoming close friends he brought up the idea of recording the songs and making the album together.

What is your main goal for this release? I’m proud of this music and I would love for everyone out there to listen.

What went into the recording and writing process for your recent single, “Hide and Seek”? What is your favorite part about this work? This song is about my father, who got sick when I was 12 and died when I was 15. It took me along time to process the pain, and the writing of this song was a major step in the process. Listening to the song makes me think of him, which brings up some sorrow but also warm memories. The music was running through my head for almost a year, during which I tried to write the lyrics in different languages and to different melodies, but to no avail. Finally, after an important rehearsal for a project I did with a great Israeli musician (Berry Sakharof), I got home and the lyrics poured out like water.

How has your hometown of Eilat influenced your work? Why? Eilat is a very small place. It’s a small community where everyone know everyone, so you never get lost and you never get lonely. The downside is one has to conform. I think this resulted in me having a rich private inner world, which could be the reason my music is very unique and different.

Besides the debut album release, what is next for you in 2017? 2017 will be dedicated to touring with this album all over Israel, and hopefully Europe and the US. In between that and teaching music in one of the biggest music schools in Israel (Rimon) – which is my day job – I have already started to work on new music.

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