Inspired by the classics of Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, and The Beatles, Orange County brothers Nate and Jeremy Barrett (10 and 8-years-old at the time) formed The Bash Dogs as young rockers in 2005. The brothers met their funky bass player Nathan Schmok in high school by scouting him in performances in the school’s jazz band. Now writing heavy rock riffs with elements of surf and ’60s psychedelia, the band creates a raw, garage rock n’ roll sound that stirs up a rowdy crowd of stage divers and moshing fans. Aside from selling out SoCal venues such as The Constellation Room (at The Observatory), SOMA, The Roxy, House of Blues and plenty more, The Bash Dogs also won 1st place at the KROQ Battle of the Bands. The band’s most memorable times include: touring colleges in Colorado, Northern and Southern California, playing the LA KISS Game at the Honda Center, performing with some of their own favorite bands, and of course getting rowdy with the loyal fans.

Tell us a bit about your newest video for, “Captain Harly”. What is the story behind this song, and how did the concept for the video come about?  We met Harly legend at Newport Beach a few years ago just from seeing him all the time and talking to him after we would surf and what not. He would always crack us up and we would buy him lunch and just sit down and have a beer with him here and there and just chill really. One day I think I just decided to write a song about him. It ended up being super fictional like a children’s book almost. I was just having fun with it you know? Basically, Harly’s enemy and the town’s most evil man Hobo Mo, starts to fook with Harly; steals his bed, cracks a bottle of jack on his head, in attempt to steal Harly’s throne, because he is the King of Blackies (Newport Pier). Then Harly gets his pet Rat Fink to eat all of Hobo Mo’s clothes off his body until he is ass naked, then Harly ties him to a palm tree so everyone can see the enemy is done being a nuisance to the town. Harly is the hero and continues to rule over his beach. We didn’t film any of these fictional elements but we wanted to resemble Harly’s overall vibe soundwise so we just asked him if we could film him being his damn self dancing to the song and just having a good time. We gave him stogies and some booze so he could party a bit and he just absolutely killed it, so confidently in front of the camera. We were so impressed! There is a lot of love in his heart and he means so well. The beach is his home and he will always be the Blackies King in our eyes as we mention in the end of the song.

In the past you’ve captured more of a funk/garage/rock and roll vibe, but now your going for more of a physchedelic sound. Can you explain this transition? We got a little bit carried away with writing songs that we thought people wanted to hear even when when they were not songs we really loved / would listen to ourselves. We started developing a mentality of only writing songs that would make it onto the radio or make us big and what not, which was so not us. We don’t care about that or at least we don’t want to care about that. We want to take musical risks as Schmoky Bear always reminds us. We want to jam like we were taught by our pops’ growing up like The Doors, Hendrix, Zeppelin etc. I personally really got into Grateful Dead this past summer and I want to get buttery and groovy like that. We want to experiment and let the music float for however long it wants to. Our shows started to become these really gnarly parties where everyone would get sauced out of their heads, crowd surf and mosh their brains out and it was and is so sick and we love it of course, but we realized we were not playing the music we were born to create. So now we are coming in hot with a ton of new jams that are the sound we want to represent and share with everyone. The audience will see the difference in our hearts, actually loving and enjoying this music as opposed to not before, and they will feel the love and want to reciprocate it back and that’s what it’s about. I think they will continue to party with us too (;

Are you working on recording any new material? How does this new material differ from your past work(s)? We have a ton of new songs that we can’t wait to release and they all portray the new direction and sound we want to pursue. I think it’s going to be a lot more raw and less perfect, production wise. They are all songs that we truly feel in our blood and bones and they let us rip on our instruments to the best of our ability. I do also think our live shows will be a lot different than the new recordings, jam wise. For example, perhaps we will record a song for 3 minutes but live we will play that same song for 10.

Do you have any upcoming performances? If so, which are you most excited about, and why? Well we are releasing our new music video for Captain Harly November 25 at Irenic in San Diego. We are playing Dirty Laundry in Los Angeles November 29, Constellation Room in Orange County December 11 and a bunch more, check our socials you know? We are real stoked to open for the rock legends honoring Cream at Segerstrom Hall January 11. We have never played with such legendary musicians before (including musicians who have worked with Elton John, Roger Waters, and Michael Jackson)!

What is next for you for the rest of 2016, into 2017? We are a new band and we are ready to start fresh. New year, new us baby. Let us jam, let us party.