Tune Tank is a Stockholm based rock trio. Having played in bands all their lives, the three brothers came together in 2015 to form Tune Tank. Four singles have been released since and now it’s time for the full album. Tune Tank write clever music that catches your ears. With influences from the Beatles, Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers, the band has a truly unique sound; made for the big arenas! Enjoy our interview with Tune Tank right here on ET!

Where did your interest in writing and performing sprout from? When did the trio form? We’re brothers, so we’ve played together since forever basically. The writing and performing came naturally out of that. We hade a basement in our family house were we put together our first pretty songs.

How did the name, Tune Tank come about? There is a movie called Fish Tank that we all love, but we are all more into tunes than fish.

Tell us about your upcoming release, “Invasion of a Skyline”, set to release September 2nd! What does this album mean to you? We have released three EPs earlier with 3-5 songs but this is the first time we’ve put together a 10 song album and that was a great experience. Since there were more songs you have more possibilities in terms of set list, dynamics and stuff, which was both fun and frustrating. The album is a mix of new and old tunes. The youngest was written in the spring of 2016 and the oldest is 12 years old.

What was the recording process like for the album? We had a two hour drive to the studio, so we had to plan our visits carefully and keep everything very organized and structured. But when we actually got there and started working everything went pretty smooth and we got a lot done during the sessions. And, it turned out our producer Johan is quite a good chef too so food wise it was great.

Which song would you say was the biggest challenge, why? “The Beauty in the Beast” was kind of tricky from day one. We knew we had a really good song and it had been around for a couple of years and had taken a lot of twists and turns since we came up with it. In fact, it started with the bass line that is now the intro and outro

Which are you most excited to perform live? “Mindtrap” is delicious and “The Visitor” is a bear.

Is there one main goal in particular you have in mind when releasing this album? There’s a lot of things we want to accomplish. A reason why we’re doing this is that we love to play music and we want to travel the world and perform in front of a lot of people. Hopefully this album will take us one step closer.

Who are some of your influences when it comes to writing and recording? Why? We don’t see the point of thinking of what influences us, because there are so many things and a lot of them we probably don’t even know about our self. Our influences are anything we see, feel, hear and smell while walking planet earth. You can walk the streets of London for example and get inspired only by the vibe and the atmosphere around you and the fact that you are in London. Making music to us is about being free and not have any limitations whatsoever in any way. If we come up with something heavy that is great, we see no point of not using it only because we usually play different styles. If a piece of music is great, it’s great! Of course we have artists and bands we love to death but it wouldn’t make the album more interesting for the listeners if we named our, let’s say top 3 influences. And also, if you would ask the same question next week, you would most likely get a different answer!

When you aren’t writing or performing, what takes up your time in Stockholm? Rehearsing and eating mostly. And all the other daily things you need to take care of, such as laundry, watching Seinfeld, exercise…

What is next for you in 2016? Hopefully we will perform in front of an excited audience, over and over again. And of course continue to write mind-blowing tunes, over and over again.

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