Uma Galera is the crossroads where various projects came together. It’s music that’s now talking and walking for itself, having started its life like the rest of us; wearing a diaper and infinitely curious. It started with a dream. The dream picked up some other like-minded dreamers along the way. Together these dreamers shared, grew and learned together, eventually forming a band in the historical musical region in Southern Florida. The Uma Galera baby grew up quickly and Uma Galera became its own institution. Long trips, big stages, playing alongside major artists. The lineup changed a little over time, but all in a natural way, with genuine love and respect all around. But the mission stays the same, and today the Uma Galera train is chugging along as always towards the same direction: for the people, con corazón.

Tell us about your current album in the works! What will it be called? What has the recording process been like? To tell the truth, we haven’t decided a title, but i can tell you that’s its a bit more raw and aggressive than the first one, i see it as the real and consolidated sound of the band, with the first one we were still finding a direction, not for lack of decision but naturally it just happened, we all liked what we were doing and we all like the album. Now the band has defined itself as a Ska, Reggae, and Funk band or as we like to call it SKRUNK style, always bilingual until we learn more languages, you know.

What is your main inspiration for this album? The road, being there, doing that, feeling and tasting the experience, good or bad, it will be an expression of some personal happenings

What is the main goal you have in mind when releasing this album? We would like to have the chance to play in front of people and playing and try to share what we feel on stage when we play and harmonize together coz to me that’s the real album, the root of it at least.

What kind of tour are you embarking on starting in January 2017? We got call to two mayor polo events, for the closing party, so we are pretty exited about that and in between we’ll be at a couple of cool venues in Spain and Italy to play for the people as a local bands do, and give our best to see if they like what we do, so after that we are open, pretty much with the flow of whatever exiting thing comes we would definitely go

Besides the tour, what is next for you all in 2017? We have some South America in mind, we’ve already been in Uruguay and Argentina, and it went fantastic, a love <> Love situation you know, so we might go by the end of next year and maybe, who knows, if everything comes out well come back to Europe in the summertime again, coz we want to play everywhere.

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