The Vaudeville Remedy have been playing Blues influenced Punk together for the last 7 years and have 2 full length albums out. The band have recently released an album titled, “Your Tongue Is Now A Live Grenade” and have also released a new music video for the title track. We caught up with Vaudeville Remedy to ask about their latest works, the music video, and what they’re up to for the rest of 2016!

When did you all spark an interest in Blues and Punk music? What made you all want to fuse the two genres? We both grew up listening to punk but by the time we started the band Shea had been getting into the blues including, Eric Clapton and JJ Cale and Jimi Hendrix. With Colin more into the Punk side of things like Choke, Diesel Boy and DBS.

Who are some of your influences when it comes to writing and recording?  the inspiration came from hearing old recordings of lou reed and tom waits and loving the basic foundation of those songs, so we decided to get some recording gear and do it ourselves in colins basement and weve only been getting slightly better at it ever since. The new album was made kind of in a dark period in both of our lives and the end result was kind of this angry spiteful monster but its only made us stronger as a duo.

Tell us about your two full length albums in short – how are they similar? How do they differ? The first album found us exploring our sound into many different territories. it was the Experimental album you make the third time around but we did it first. the second album we actually really tried to establish a solid sound, not so all over the place like the first one was.

Do you have any upcoming release you are currently working on? If so, what can listeners expect? We are working on new material and it will still contain some heavier, faster songs but with more emphasis on the blues this time around.

What is next for you all in 2016? The rest of 2016 will be spent working out new material for our third full length. Its the first record we are going to make in a real studio. We’re trying to do this one right instead of our previous DIY albums, which were just a tad bit under produce haha).

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