Weston Simonis has now decided to go solo and part ways from his band days. Simonis took lessons from some of the top producers in the music industry, and now he has made the top 10 in the global charts on Reverb Nation in Pop. Simonis is slowly proving his worth as a solo artist, and plans to release his first album this May 2016. His genre is Pop/Alternative, mainly influenced by Michel Jackson, Metallica, and Blink 182. We caught up with Weston about his decision to go solo, and we also got a few details on his upcoming release!

Hi Weston, can you tell us how you got your start in music? What initially sparked your interest to sing and perform? Ever since I was a little child, I was singing in the church choir.  My mom was the music director for the children’s program at the church.  That being said, we would always sing music together as a family.  When I was ten, I got my first guitar and shortly after, a drum set and a PA.  My cousin TJ and I formed a band when we were in middle school, and started to play all over town.

So you have gone solo as of recent, what kind of group were you in before this decision? What sparked this choice? I decide to go solo because I couldn’t find the right, dedicated musicians to write music with.

How has your sound developed now that you are on your own? Now that I have gone solo my music has opened up to a broader sound.   The songs I write are not influenced by just one genre.  Since I played in multiple different kinds of bands in my past, it gives me the room to develop music that doesn’t sound like anyone else.  I am also a multiple instrument musician so I don’t have to wait on someone to record their part.  After years of music production classes from some of the top producers in the music industry I can now record and produce my music the way I want it to sound.

Tell us about your latest single. What was the writing and recording process like? My latest single is Moments of Intoxication. I had a great time writing and recording this song in the studio.  Tracking the song was probably the easiest part of the production.  There is a lot of work into a good production. I ran into a few things that made the song hard to mix, but that is how it goes when the guitar and human voice are close in frequency.  I wrote Moments of Intoxication in the studio.  I did use a guitar riff that I wrote years ago for the intro to this song.  Sometimes you will write a riff and not use it tell years later.  I would say that the intro riff is about 5 years old, but the song it self took me two days to write.
What is next for you in 2016? I am pushing to get my album out this May of 2016, and to get press release on the album nationally and internationally. You can already buy my music in 108 countries on 38 different distributions.  On Reverb Nation I just made the #1 Pop artist regionally #7 Nationally and #8 Globally.  Being on top of the  charts of Reverb Nation is only the beginning.

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