For Pop/ Folk / Jazz Artist, Will Snyder, music is no stranger. After studying music through high school in 2002 at Idyllwild Arts with Marshall Hawkins, he then attended Berklee College of Music to continue music studies where he went on to win the Bass Department Achievement award and the Wes Wehmiller Scholarship Award in 2006. After college he signed with Marble Mountain Records for his original music, which at the time could be described as pop/ folk/jazz, where he was able to develop his skills as an artist, singer and producer through various studios such as Avatar Studios in NYC,NY and Mix One in Boston, MA as well as Marble Mountain Records studio in Boston and Orlando, FL.
In June 2014, he released his first single Love Me, which was widely spun in London after being remixed by remix team, 7th Heaven. After years of developing and honing his studio chops and musicianship, he began to be sought after as a producer for other artists. In October 2014, jazz guitarist/ composer Graham Dechter sought his insight as a producer on his record Takin’ it There which went on to be the #1 jazz record spun in the country for two weeks in a row.
From 2014 to 2016 he has released two full length records, 2028 mixed by Grammy winners Mick Guzauski, Miles Walker and Will Hensley, and My Condition mixed by Will Hensley. He is scheduled to start production on his next record in late 2016 which is being produced by songwriter and singer, Angie Aparo. We caught up with Will Snyder to talk about some of his most recent releases, including

When did you first get involved with music? When did you know it was something you wanted to pursue? I first got involved with music when I was 15. I was playing hockey at a school in Massachusetts, and I wasn’t particularly good, so I became distracted and started hanging out with the music teacher’s kids and they were both talented musicians. I started playing bass and piano and I became obsessed with it. From then on every decision I made was in some way to try and further my life with music

Along the way of your music career, you have received awards, studied under pretigious instructors, and written and produced with award winning producers. Out of all of these accomplishments, which means the most to you? The one that means the most is the Wes Wehmiller Scholarship at Berklee. I was truly honored to be the first recipient of the award and I got it through hard work and after years of trying to impress professors, so it really meant a lot to me. The #1 was great too. I woke up to a text of my friend saying “we’re # 1!”. That kind of validates the struggle and the doubt you get as an artist and musician from yourself and others.

You’re currently working on your upcoming record, set to release in 2017. Can you give us a little glimpse of what the writing and production process has been like? Production wise we’ve been trying to keep it as simple as possible, even going so far as to limit which instruments we use and how many tracks. Before making the record we spent a lot of time trying to figure out what we wanted the core or the essence of the record to be, which came down to voice and a Wurlitzer style sound. Keep it as simple as possible and let the songs speak for themselves. We also spent some time trying to find a good key in the low mid range register where my voice has a lot of richness. So the production has been a minimalist approach, which is always a fun artistic choice to make. It limits your options so you just have to make the right one.

What has it been like working with singer/songwriter, Angie Aparo? Working with Angie has been a truly enlightening experience. Every so often you come across extraordinary talents and he certainly is one of them. He’s helped me tremendously both with songwriting and singing. He’s an excellent singer so even as a friend when we go out to drink I pick his brain about all that stuff. It’s been invaluable to my growth. Since he’s producing my vocal, his comments and direction for my voice has helped shaped me as an artist, and of course writing songs with him has also helped me grow as well.

How will it differ from your previous works? The process has been different than I’ve been accustomed to. This next record is entirely written by Angie Aparo, and also produced by him, which gives the record a very different sound compared to stuff I’ve released before. I’m taking a bit of a backseat production wise but I’m gonna take a stab at mixing the songs, which is a lot of fun for me. I’ve always had someone mix my stuff, but mixing has always been a bit of a hobby for me so it’ll be a blast. The process has been so different that it’s exciting and fresh. It gets easy to fall into the same techniques and routines, and Angie is an amazing songwriter and musician so it’s been a pleasure and a privledge.

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