Brandon Cody Tyler Mcroy also Known as “Cody Tyler” is an African American Indie Musician, YouTube Celebrity, Model, and aspiring actor. As of January , 2014, Tyler’s YouTube channel “Supercodytyler” has amassed over 1 million views. Two of Tyler’s first only 4 videos ” The birth” and ” All of The Lights Remix “gained over 100 thousand views combined and were awarded most talked about in their first month debuts. “Mine” continues to be the most popular with over 1 million views in itself. Last time we spoke to Cody, he was gearing up to release his new single, “Make It Happen,” and this time he has a few plans up his sleeve to jump start a brand new crossover campaign – check it out below!

Entertwine: Hello Cody! How have you been since we last spoke? I see you’ve recently been verified on Twitter and Vine and featured by Spotify!

Cody: Hey Guys! First off I want to say thank you for deeming me worthy of support and following. It means a lot. I have been just working on the new “Lightkid Era” album which will come out sometime this year. I have been verified on twitter and vine as of now which I deem to be very “light-filled” and encouraging to be recognized as someone who is known or quote unquote important. I was featured on Spotify’s “new music Tuesday’s” a couple months back for “Vessel of sacrifice the prequel: recordings of 2012” and “Make it happen”.

What inspired the writing and recording of your new single ‘Lightkid Era’? When will the song be released? Will you be releasing a new music video for the song?

Well… I came up with the concept of “Lightkid” one night while I was in the shower. I was just listening to my music and just kind of letting my mind wonder into my world of just seeing where I want to go and what I stand for and how I want to bring my movement to the world. I just got a vision of a group of cool people who don’t see things one way and just radiate happiness and who dress their own way and just give nothing but heart and operate on their feelings. I see a “lightkid” as universal because this crew is everyone who chases their dreams and makes an impact on the world. Because of us always being within our hearts was child- like. So I wrote the song based off of a vision I have and how I see my imprint “PurpleandStars” and what it brings. I am aiming for a February 2015 release and I definitely will have a visual because the feel is so happy and just “Light-filled”!!

Attachment (1)Could you tell us about your new partnership with the marketing site What led to you working with Cynthia Johnson and her company?

The partnership with is similar to my partnership with Alan- Michael Reese and AJ Kelley of Original Generation Clothing in the sense that we both have goals and want the same things. is all about marketing on social media as well as physical and about always staying current while not jeopardizing the core of who we are and do. Cynthia Johnson and I connected through the new App Company “Sweigh Inc.” in which she ran their marketing division and I spoke on a conference call with her interviewing for “Sweigh Inc.” and she liked what she heard and everything about my reputation. “Rank lab” is working with “Vine” and also has several projects including one with Spotify. So we ended up staying in touch and became friends as well as partners and now I’m working directly with her and her company! She is a very awesome person and successful from being who she is and honest which is very hard to find in this industry and society.

When will you release your next EP (“Vessel of Sacrifice”)? What can you tell us about this project? You’re running a special promotion through with this one, right?

I will be releasing the 2014 EP “Vessel of Sacrifice” on February 4th 2015 to my “Soundcloud” official Cody Tyler for free. At the end of February it will go to ITunes, Spotify and have a “new music Tuesday’s feature” and will go to Pandora, Amazon etc. I feel this project shows so much growth and more individuality and the story is just so honest I think. I feel that on this EP I dug deeper and evolved more into who I want to become and it leaves where the prequel Ep left off. I love the production on it and yes I have had about 8 posters designed with some lines from the “Vessel of Sacrifice EP” contained. So when a person purchases the Ep they get a fool art book of the designed pictures and 2 full length posters as well. I am waiting to get it all lined up but it’s looking so cool.

How have you been able to successfully secure full distribution to all TV networks as well as all music platforms?

I have been working on the distribution for the past 3 years solely and I secured it just by always emailing and just trying to secure validity in what I’m doing. I saw things like “I can’t depend on anyone to give me a deal or pay stupid fees for distribution”. I said “I have to do this on my own” so I just kept getting ideas of how to do things and late last year aggregators got wind of my videos and sent an email and I went from there and before I knew it I saw the certificate and the emails before it saying that the imprint “PurpleandStars” has obtained full distribution. The TV networks just came from someone who knew someone else and just conference calls and pleading.

“I just want everyone to know and my fans wherever you are that I am riding for all of us!! My new ingle “Lightkid era” is coming this February and check out the “Make It happen video! IM FOR US ALL…PURPLEANDSTARS.


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