Carlie Butler, more commonly known as CarlieStylez has brought style, fitness and love to the internet, but do you really know what she’s about? This energetic, instantly lovable, blonde bombshell has only been posting videos since 2011, but has tallied up over 11 million views in the short time frame of 2 years. Carlie’s main focus for her channel is to promote healthy living in all aspects: fitness, health, style, family, love & happiness. Not too fast – don’t think things get too sappy on her channel – as a sister of well known, (and hilarious) Youtube vlogger, Shay Carl, it’s hard for things to stay too serious for too long. Carlie answered a few questions for us below!

Entertwine: What drove you to start making videos on Youtube? Was fashion/health promotion your original intent?

Carlie Butler: What drove me initially of course was my brother ShayCarl, however I would like to break away from that demographic and earn my own place on youtube. He inspired me to show the world what I have to offer, and I love that I feel like I have a place to share my knowledge and love with anyone who may come across my videos.

ET: You cover a lot of topics on your channel, from love and relationships, to health and fitness, and of course some random vlogs in between. Which out of those do you enjoy filming the most?

CB: Honestly I want to show others how to master the balance in fitness.  I think there are so many false “fitness inspirations” out there who don’t live a true healthy lifestyle. I would like to show the world that you can have pizza and still be fit. Fitness is my number one right now. I think when you feel like you have mastered your own personal level of being fit, you feel most confident. Confidence in this life is key!

ET: Since you cover the topic of love and relationships on your Love Nest series, I have to ask: What’s your best piece of relationship advice that you have given or received?

CB: NEVER EVER EVER EVER DOUBT WHAT YOU INITIALLY FEEL! Too often I put initial instincts or feelings aside because I wanted to see if I was wrong or to see if I could change the situation. You can not change people. I have been so hurt by men who I have wanted to remain patient with. I always see the best in people and I’m always guilty of loving others for their best selves in relationships that often can be a negative. You can not change people. YOU have to love yourself enough to stay true to who you are and in the end the right person will come around and APPRECIATE you for who you are and what you have to offer. Never try to change or please anyone else.

ET: What do you look to get out of your Youtube career? What is your ultimate dream?

CB: I would love to travel around the world and host live workshops as well as being a motivational speaker. With that writing a book, online book, podcasts etc. come to mind. I want this world to know that it is okay to be you, and to have a past. Too often we get caught up in the image of being ideal and accepted in the line up of others. I would like to shake things up and create a sense of awareness in owning your mistakes and hosting workshops for overcoming that and really owning who you are!

ET: When putting yourself in front of the Youtube community, you’re prone to lots of negativity. How do you deal with this as a female?

CB: You take the good with the bad and you do your very best to own up too your bad and become better from it. Everyone has haters, a lot of it comes from a dark side of the world that just needs more love, so a lot can not be taken to heart, however it is always a way to flip the scale and ask yourself if you can learn from the hate if not laugh, move on and realize those individuals are just seeking attention in a negative light.

ET: You’ve been married, and you have a son, Cooper. What advice might you have for other young, single mothers like you?

CB: YOUR LIFE IS NOT OVER, YOUR LIFE IS BLESSED!! So many of us women think that we should be thought of differently because we are “single mothers” and or “single parents”. If I could leave any statement with you it would be this; Whatever you desire in this life, you deserve to have it, you are the only one who will get it, so go after it with your whole heart. Being a single parent is empowering and an honor. I am proud of how far I have come and what I do on my own. I feel the strongest and most confident when I am in those very moments of being a single parent. There are millions around the world who have it more difficult than I do and I just want to hug you and support you in your battle in this awesome road of parenthood. Set examples for your children, never give up, and never stop chasing what it is you want, YOU DESERVE IT!


(Carlie & Her Son Cooper)

ET: As someone who is a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, how would you say your faith has impacted your life thus far?

CB: My faith is my number one foundation that I always rely on when I feel like I am all alone. I may fail along the path of love when it comes to practicing certain values but faith alone is a principle, it is a conscious act of work. Sometimes it is the hardest thing to have faith after everything else, but I can testify to you that it will carry you through the hard times and will become a strength and a tool for you to use when else seems fleeting. I would say my relationship is more with my Heavenly Father and our personal relationship than it is with the classification of my religion. However my faith in what I practice and what I want in this life and the next keeps me going when everything else seems to have failed.

ET: Your brother, Shay Butler (ShayCarl on Youtube), is considered one of the most influential and popular Youtubers on the internet today. How has his role of a big brother, YouTuber, business man, and family man influenced you as you grow up in his footsteps?

CB: Shay has always been the guy to be around. It is so evident in youtube that that characteristic trait still works for him. He has helped me to see my worst and best sides of who I am as an individual. One thing that Shay has that is so admirable is his faithfulness to his wife Colette. I admire how much he adores her and loves her. Their romance is on another level and I always find myself wanting what they have. They are an awesome couple. I think they should get more credit as a team. She brings so much to our family and has changed Shay in so many ways, it is beautiful to see what real love is capable of.

tumblr_mj8128BXDZ1qjqq6lo1_500(Shay Butler & Family)

ET: What is your most memorable Youtube moment thus far? Can be on the camera, off the camera – anything real spectacular that has happened because of your Youtube success?

CB: Here’s a thing you should know about me. I absolutely hate choosing favorites. To pinpoint one distinct moment in life that out weighs another is cheating other moments that deserve value and a chance to fight for number one. I would have to say the best highlights of my youtube career this far is meeting and hugging each and everyone of you. I love seeing your faces and hearing about a video you watched of mine that resonated with you personally and hugging you. When we connect in that moment I seriously feel so blessed and a sense of relief that I am breaking through the youtube walls.


Fan Questions:

These questions were taken from our twitter account @EntertwineBlog. I hand picked some of the best questions from fans!

Jenny (@JennyLalah): If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

CB: That’s hard for me. I really believe its who you are with and not where you go. I could be totally content traveling 30 minutes outside of my state of Idaho as long as I was with the right people. I have never been out of the US, so if I could plan a dream vacation I would want to take Cooper on a safari or somewhere tropical! Can Tim Tebow go with ME? 🙂

Tara F (@ctfxcer23): How do you deal with always putting yourself out there for many people to see? How do you deal with the haters?

CB: It gets to me. No matter what, hurtful comments get to my heart. I am an extremely personal sensitive person and what people see or view me as matters in the comments. HOWEVER, with youtube, I have mastered the art of taking my videos for what they are worth. When I re-watch my videos after they upload and still feel good about the content and that I was honest about whatever it was that was captured, I take the hateful comments as an opinion on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum that somebody had to go there. No matter what I have done in my life I have had haters, we all do. What is most important is that you live for you. It makes your decisions a lot easier to be comfortable with when you know you are staying true to the person that you are. It’s not easy to take criticism or hate, however I have found strength within my heart and soul and I know that it is helping others more than it is damaging! My mission with youtube is to bring happiness and light to lives of those who need a smile or a new friend. If the haters want to hate, I would still be willing to take them to lunch and I bet their opinions would change. I am easy to get along with. BE CONFIDENT. *off my soap box*

Kyle Ortiz (@HelloMyNameIsKO): Do you have any embarrassing hobbies?

CB: Yes! I love popping zits. I love picking Coopers nose. I love pretending I have an accent in public where nobody may know me. I love making music videos that no one will ever ever view. I don’t mind eating a whole pizza on the couch by myself with a scary movie.


CJ (@CJUphoria): How has your personality changed over the years?

CB: I’ve really had to learn to accept that I have to be proud of who I am. I use to be worried all the time about what others thought of me. I’ve never felt like I really was enough in any situation. In school I never felt accomplished or smart enough, in cheerleading I never felt talented or fit enough, in my circle of friends I always questioned their loyalty and doubted my presence and what it meant. Basically I’ve learned to really take the reigns of my life and to empower my inner wonder woman. I constantly want to please others and make them feel happy loved and valued and I have learned the hard way that you can’t make others feel anything. ALl you can do is set the example. Today, I choose to love who I am.

Krista Brydges (KristaBrydges): If you didn’t believe in God, would you live your life any different?

CB: HECK YES!!!!!!!! Then again I have always believed and KNOWN without a doubt that he lives and exists. I am a wild natured individual and I think that having faith and morals helps keep me in balance and puts my life in check!

Clay Brice (@clay_brice): What is your favorite thing about your son, Cooper?

CB: I love how Cooper can sense when I need to laugh be loved or just smile. He is so sensitive to my moods and it amazes me how he takes care of me and I am the Mother, fail! 🙂

Caitylyn Kelsay (@Caitlynke): What is your favorite thing about connecting to your fans through Youtube?

CB: I truly feel like I am blessed to be in this position and I have had so many opportunities to teach others through my failures.  I feel that my viewers are friends scattered around the world and when we can chat and connect I feel strengthened in love and in life. You all empower me more than you know!


Quick Q’s:

Guilty Pleasure? food, shopping,downloading music, football, buying new perfume, and a man with a good strong back!

Pet Peeve(s)? When people tell me what to do! Slow drivers, gym douche bags!

Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling? Channing Tatum!

Favorite Chick Flick? Does NFL season count ;)? Current favorite is, Safe Haven. That movie represents too much of my life, waiting to make out with Zac however!!!!

Your Idea of an Ideal Friday Night? friends, food, sweat pants, games, music, and random adventures!

Current Favorite YTer? my family! We are rarely together. It’s so awesome to catch up on life through our crazy videos!

What kind of music gets you pumped? Anything that has a bass beat

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